What Makes You Totally Fit?

Fit and Fully Present.

New Exercise: Throw out the traditional concept of fitness and lift yourself up to a new level.


What fit means in our society.

We get reminded — sometimes pressured — everyday about getting or staying “fit”. In January, we’re bombarded with ads and offers from gyms, large and small. We can find a new workout trend or in-home fitness gadget with a quick click of the keyboard or a late night channel change.

As an actor and model, I key in on the body types that are considered attractive or aspirational in advertising. For example, I get called into auditions where the character description includes “fit mom”. (Because God forbid, women keep on any of that baby weight!) Overall I don’t let those little character breakdowns get to me, but I have to be conscious of not giving casting directors the power to shape my self image.

Lace up and get fit–from the inside, out.


My idea of fit.

Physical fitness is definitely important. Yet I consider it just one of the many components that comprise total wellness. Here we want to look at fit from a fresh perspective, as a lifestyle that is 100% about YOU. What makes you fit all the way down to your core, and I’m not stopping at your abdominal walls. When you check in here at Your Fitness DNA we will get real about any and everything that feeds into feeling good, looking good, thinking clearly, moving freely and all of what makes life FUN.

Let’s talk.

We’re having a conversation at Your Fitness DNA, so feel free to drop a comment or submit a topic request. Tell me what you want to explore. Let me know what is working in your life and what is not. We are likely in that together! Community and accountability are major parts of living well. One of my juicy, lofty goals with Your Fitness DNA is to build a huge network of individuals who are making their health and wellness a top priority. Together that community will keep each other encouraged and keep me inspired! I want to stay on top of my best-self-game and I need you in on this game with me.

Let’s do this, y’all.



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