How Wellness Became My Passion

What’s you passion? What’s your WHY?

This is not a loaded question.

Be unstoppable.

Passion-hunting and pinning down your why can actually be quite a challenge. A little scary to share your journey and personal mission, yes? Have you done this exercise and shared your answer yet?

So many reasons why.

The best thing about growth, change and transformation is discovering the “WHY”. In everything I do I have moments of clarity and frantic flashes of “WTF am I doing??!!” Both are beautiful. The moments of clarity are found in the moments I most trust myself. When I realize I am supported not just by dear friends, family, mentors…but by Universe and Spirit. When I am clear and in the moment, I know exactly WHY.


I have a big voice (ALWAYS have) and I love to use it. Sometimes this backfires. Yet I rarely feel regretful about using that power. Self-expression is my way to connect with others, to inspire myself and others, to provoke and invoke insights, to hold the world around me accountable. What I’ve observed for my entire life is that my voice and my energy can be far too much for what some are ready to receive. Today I am finally at the point where I no longer give a f*ck.

We can’t all be silent observers in this thing called life. Sure we can go with the flow; however, the choice to be bright and bold is one that will push the levels of comfort in the world that surrounds you. BE BOLD. BE BRIGHT. Live life vigorously. Nothing is promised, so do what you need to do to get what you want and MAKE LIFE HAPPEN.

That is my LIFE WHY. As a woman and as a mother, I want to set an example that shows my daughter that she never has to dim her light to fit in or make people feel better about playing their own lives small.

Can you relate?

Check out the video and hear more about the experiences that brought me to my WHY for my passion, Your Fitness DNA. This is a glimpse of my life. Let me know if you find a little piece of yours in here too.

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be unstoppable

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