Inside YOUR Fitness DNA

Have a Sweat Strategy.

If you’re dragging to your workouts more often than not…maybe that type of training is just not in your fitness DNA!

sweat strategy find your fitness DNA video
Watch the video “What’s Your Fitness DNA?” and let me know if you’re truly doing your thang or just going through the motions.


Your Fitness DNA, Phase Two.

In the post “Do the Work”, I talked about MOTIVATION. Personal enjoyment is a major motivating factor. Fitness is a mix of necessity and leisure. Like rest, physical activity is not a luxury. No matter if you can afford a fancy private athletic club membership or not, ya GOTTA move. Do you have the luxury of getting ill or dying right now? Then figure out how to get that body moving and work up a sweat. I recommend making a list of activities that feel like play and using those as a basis for what workouts you should do or add to your routine.

Be Honest.

Have you ever wanted to tell your workout “I’m just not that into you”?? I always say everything ain’t for everybody. Hell will have frozen over before I incorporate cycling into my personal fitness regimen. After knee surgery, my doctor recommended I take Spinning to strengthen my weak quadricep. I tried. I REALLY tried. Ms. Efficiency here even chose to evaluate the cycling instructors at work to force herself to get on the bike. But I just don’t love the cycling formats and due to that, I know that the workout will never give me the complete results I need.

Your Sweat Strategy.

Give yourself an effective workout. You cannot get time back. Make your workouts worth your while. Have some fun and do what satisfies more than just physical results. Smile, laugh, connect with your inner child, feel accomplished every time you exercise. If you are not getting this from the gym, ditch the membership and save your coins! Press play on the video for more on your crafting your own sweat strategy that starts with knowing YOUR Fitness DNA.

Assess Yo’self.

Need help taking that thorough look at what makes the most sense for your fit lifestyle? Download this [free] simple self-assessment to dig into YOUR fitness DNA:

Hit me back!

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