Fall in Love with Personal Training

Create a One-on-One Training Relationship Built to Last.

You can fall in love with fitness by finding your [personal trainer] bae.


personal training
Personal training will help you be your bad a$$ self: healthy, fit and injury-free.

Why Personal Training?

You’re not into group fitness classes. Because you still haven’t found your motivation. Or you have hit a plateau. You’re working out but you’re not really WORKING. That fully loaded work, family, social schedule is not allowing you a consistent opportunity to hit the gym. The results have slowed or are not happening at all. Even worse, you are feeling aches and pains that are a slow burn to injury. When something is off, you know. These are all signs that one-on-one training is the right choice for you.

Your Partner in Health.

Consider this: working with a trainer is like being in a relationship. You should train with someone you WANT to be around. A partner in your health and wellness journey. Your personal trainer should challenge you and bring out the best in you.

Trainers have trainers too.

I’ve told you before, I don’t necessarily love WORKING OUT. I love to move. Though I’ve got great form and know a lot of the exercise do’s and don’ts, if left to my own devices I’ll either choose not to do the work or short myself on the exertion level. My coach is Terrence Smith, a former boxing pro whom I’ll formally introduce you to on YFDNA soon. I’m sharing the health and giving away some sessions with him! Sometimes I cheat on him with IzzyFit just to shake things up a bit. That’s as deep as my harem of trainers goes and I don’t recommend you change up personal coaches much either unless they are a part of the same fitness network. (Email me if you want to know of other trusted personal trainers, even if you aren’t Chicago-based.)

Getting Started.

We are heading into the holiday season and the whole ‘new year, new you’ gimmick of gym membership promos. Well fitness facilities are not just selling memberships, they are selling personal training too. Make the decision to get quality coaching at a price you can afford. Not just a ‘good deal’.
Think of how you cringe when you see obnoxious ads for discounts on breast augmentation or LASIK procedures. This is your ONE body! Being reasonable is one thing; being flat out cheap with your body is NO BUENO. What’s your health and physical well-being worth to you?!

The Three C’s.

Once you have selected the trainer with whom you have the right chemistry or connection, maintain the relationship! Communicate. Got some concerns? Abnormal aches? Tell your trainer. That’s your personal coach and they need all of your feedback. Be consistent. Do what your trainer tells you to do, show up and show out and be courteous. If you are starting to cancel or not make appointment times, then you need to rework the deal.

If you have never worked with a trainer at all–or even if you have and the relationship fell off–I have a great tool for you. Drop your email in the box below and get the upper hand on your personal trainer search.

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