Wine and Wellness


Wine and Wellness, My Favorite Pairing.

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Keep it real, ’tis the season.

Let’s be honest. Wine is a beautiful thing. We will indulge at least a little bit over the holidays. Last post told you to feed your spirit and honor your soul before you fall into the frenzy of the busy season. Now when you do decide to let loose, you CAN still be health conscious.

Furthermore, if you have any dietary restrictions, immunodeficiency disorders or any health conditions that make you think twice (or more!) about what you can eat and drink at celebrations then this event is for you.

Pop Up Workshop with Celebrity Nutritionist Zoë Davis.

Just in time for the holidays…Discover the truths to common health myths! On Tuesday, November 28 experience an evening of learning over a wine and cheese tasting. Be introduced to healthier versions of your favorite wines, and local farm fresh foods. The illnesses and diseases covered will include:

– Headaches, Digestion issues, Reproductive System, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Vitamin Deficiency, Anemia, Joint Pain
– Diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Psoriasis, Grave’s
Enjoy an introduction to, and become more familiar with healthy food & beverage options through our:
– Wine Tasting
– Kombucha Tasting
– Raw Local Cheese & Cracker Tasting

Even better, participants will take home a meal plan and lifestyle practice guide. This takeaway will be accessible and easy to apply to every day. Reserve your seat at the table now!

About the Nutritionist.

Gorgeous Zoë Davis is a Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Autoimmune Diseases & Weight Loss. She is a LMT, MLD and WAPF Member. I love her mantra: “Let food be thy medicine.” You can catch Zoe in Chicago, Hotlanta and Miami doing what she loves and living her purpose. Follow her on Instagram for wellness tips and delicious recipes–with engaging, make-you-hungry kind of pics, of course. Most of all, Zoë is a beautiful spirit and will brighten up your social media feed.

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Sounds amazing, right?!

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Wine and Wellness

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