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Go ahead. Give a little.

I have to admit, I started thinking about the fast-approaching holidays and got a bit of anxiety. As a mom, I am torn between having the full out festive celebrations and living my zero phucks, forever frugal kind of December. Watching my child’s excitement versus sitting still and reflecting on my year. Planning my level up for the year to come.

Then I began to see all the great ways to give. We don’t have to spend serious cash to show how much we care or to get into the spirit of the season. This is a time to show gratitude, appreciate what you have and enjoy quality time with friends and family. And just like that, my inner-Grinch is now GONE.

The Gift of Wellness.

YFDNA Holiday Giving Guide
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If you’re going holiday shopping, why not spend money on gifts that really have an impact? The best gifts CONTRIBUTE to others. Even yourself. I came up with some giving ideas sure to liven up the regular ole holiday gift exchange this year! Get creative and give a gift from one of these fun categories that feed into my total wellness formula:

Financial Health
Social Connection

The Kinda Things I Like.

Of course the items in the Holiday Gift Guide 2017 are some of my Chicago-born faves. For example, I fell in love with Lil Little hair products after meeting Rachal, the founder, on the modeling scene. I use her deep conditioner in my hair EVERY WEEK. Sage Eats marries fitness with tasty, nutritious meal prep + delivery. So that’s a no brainer.

Probably in complete contrast to the typical tangibles, I highly recommend making a donation to a non-profit in a loved one’s name. Find one that reflects their personal mission or gives back to the community like Collaboraction Theater Company, a company who is fighting gender, racial and socioeconomic inequities in Chicago.

Financial Goddess and blogger Aja McClanahan gave me her 5 Financial Gift recommendations and I think you’ll LOVE them. Like WOW!

Regardless of the selections, the inspiration is what counts. Think outside of the gift box and treat someone or yourself to a totally fit find.  Enjoy getting creative. Email me or leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

by Dana Anderson

5 Unique Ways to Share the Gift of Wellness

Download the YFDNA Holiday Giving Guide


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