Mind Your Financial Business

Mind on your money and money on your mind?

Financial health is about your mindset.

financial health wellness
Being financially content begins in the mind.

The Equation.

Financial Wellness. Living well and being well-off aren’t always the same. I take everything back to that total wellness equation and how all the components create a life in complete alignment. The saying “it all begins in the mind” resonates with me the more I evolve. What an empowering statement! One thing that tells me is I can focus on what I don’t have or I can appreciate all that surrounds me.

Financial “stability” can be as much of an illusion as looking fit. If you are making great money but are off balance in other areas of your life, that money will be as stable as a fleeting thought. Emotional lows, feelings of lack, the need to impress…well those are all drains to your finances. Real talk: you tend to do dumb sh*t with your money when you are not living a healthy, happy, totally fit life.

Order v. Chaos.

Ever notice how situations present themselves differently when you are less stressed and frantic? Me, when I’m a hot mess (unrested, eating poorly, drinking too much, agitated) = messy room, dirty dishes, piles of laundry, forgetting tasks, losing keys, running late. Me, when I’m slowing down and seeing life clearly (feeling grateful, working out, time for family and friends, eating well, super hydrated, sleeping like a baby) = to-do list written out, laundry day scheduled, kitchen clean, groceries in the fridge, meals prepped, rockstar mom duties fulfilled, and wait for it—MONEY FLOWING. And time flowing too.

Can you see it? There isn’t always a method to your madness when it comes to money. Sure, money comes and goes. But money grows and flows when you are living in the flow and not in a state of chaos. Your finances are a reflection of your mind.

Financial Tools.

Before I pull Aja McClanahan of Principles of Increase in to contribute a post on financial goal setting for 2018, I’ll name a few financial “tools” from the perspective of a healthy mindset:

Use a gratitude journal. Realizing the abundance around you attracts more abundance.
Mind your business of the mind. Observe changes in your work schedule, personal life and family dynamics. Be mindful of your spending habits around these transition periods. Don’t self-medicate with impulsive spending.
Meditate. Chill out. Bring in the calm. Focus on what you want instead of what you DON’T want.
Manage your time. There’s a reason why we say time is money. Know your worth. We feel much better about ourselves when we aren’t giving up too much of our personal value without the right compensation. Plus, you will make more time for things that save you money.

What works for your mindset? Let me know by dropping a comment below. Or as always, you can email me. Looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks talking money and mindset with you.

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