Mo’ Money: A Holiday Message

Spending is Easy! This message is short and sweet.

 spending money wisely

I’m no financial expert…

We’re on the official countdown to the big Christmas holiday and every retailer known to man is giving you every reason to shop for “that special someone”. I’ve been a GREAT consumer. (Ha!) So take this sage advice from a single mom, hustler, lover of nice things: do NOT go into debt over the holidays.

New spending habits.

Get creative. I’m not saying be a Debbie Downer this season, but do not lose sight of the big picture. If you haven’t been consistently putting money in the gift giving kitty or you don’t want to go off the rails spending beyond your average monthly budget…find new ways to share the spirit of the season.

Stay on track with your goals.

We’ve established that your health is your wealth.  Unless you’re just born into the big bucks, your wealth is also your health. Having a financially fit mindset and a foundation in place will keep you on track toward your financial goals–at any time of year. And if you don’t have ANY financial goals, Aja McClanahan of Principles of Increase is going to tell you how to set some! In a couple of days, she’ll be sharing how to make some smart money moves in 2018.

Still shopping? Download the Guide to Giving! Share the Gift of Wellness.

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