Eating Is Living

Eating Well Is Living Well.

eating to live well
Eat. Just eat WELL. Seriously.

Eating is a Habit. Good or Bad!

Last fall, I shared with you how along my journey I worked for one of the unhealthiest fitness environments in operation. A place of seemingly fit, happy people who secretly (and not so secretly) were attached to a number of vices most would not expect from fitness professionals.

Now I’ve seen a myriad of crazy habits–some good, some bad and some dangerously fun. But one of the scariest things I witnessed in the fitness industry was what I can inexpertly call body dysmorphia and anorexia. There was a running joke about how my boss didn’t eat. As if that was cute. I mean here we were, group fitness leaders in a major U.S. market and we were not only laughing off, but also applauding a grown ass woman who was disappearing before our eyes. I participated. With judgement no doubt. So much for being examples of wellness!

I ENJOY eating.

I love food. Cooking and sharing food is sacred to me. So you won’t catch me starving myself. I get the pressures we may face in life to look a certain way (hell, I work on camera!). However, I am a firm believer in not subscribing to heavily restricted diets unless prescribed for a serious health condition. Food is life. The ancient practice of Ayurveda teaches us that food is medicine.

What’s Your End Game?

Have you seen those memes that say “you’re either feeding a disease or fighting one”? I love that one. Before I dive all the way into nutrition over the next few posts, I want you to take a look at your eating habits. Are you satisfied? Do you consider yourself a healthy eater? Are you eating out frequently? Do you feel like you have your nutrition regimen under control?

New Year, New YOU…right??

This is that special time of year when we resolve to make big changes for the better. Did you start on those resolutions yet? I’ve seen a bunch of challenges and communities working toward a number of goals that are all various pieces of the total wellness pie. Vision board meet ups, financial goal setting networks…and of course the numerous nutrition and weight loss challenges such as Whole Life and Whole 30.

My January has been off to a craaaazy start with travel, launching new fitness events, my first theater experience and my biggest commercial to date. I am CRUSHING it. Well…kinda. Time for me to slow down a bit and focus on my diet. My gut health, rest, self-care, finances…all of that! So the next time you hear from me will be about me doing even BETTER. And I’d love for you to join me.

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