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better body challenge

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A More Functional You.

When you read the title of this post, you probably started thinking about how your body looks right now and how you could LOOK better. Probably. What I’m getting at is how to be better in the way of operating at your highest level of functionality.

What’s a good day? I am at my best when I am fully rested, meditate, eat whole foods, have a great bowel movement (you laugh, but that’s REAL), feel hydrated and fit some type of movement in. That keeps me clear headed and ticking away at my to-do list. I am also my most pleasant self.

Soooooooo…how bout them resolutions?

About halfway through January, people start giving up on their New Year’s resolutions. Some never even started. I needed a little time to go full steam ahead on some of my wellness goals. I am starting back to following a healthier eating and sleeping routine and I’ll tell you more about it in this video:

What is the 30 Day Better Body Challenge??!!

Yes, you can.

If I can do this, you can too. If you mess up one day, work gets in the way, you hit a party one night–whatever–KEEP going. The idea is to shift your lifestyle and make more conscious choices. Your body will LOVE you. You can download the tool below to track your daily progress and I always recommend doing as much journaling as possible. Plan your meals + workouts and work your plan. Email me any time you want support, more resources or just to give feedback!!

Free Download: Click to Save the Better Body Challenge Checklist and Get After It!
30 Day Better Body Challenge

Want some help at the grocery store? Download this list for ideas. More clean eating recipes to come!

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