Ayurveda 101

Ayurveda Basics, From A Healer’s Point of View.

Over the last several years I have integrated more and more of Ayurveda into my wellness regimen. Particularly in my eating habits. I’ve learned a lot from some advanced cleanse and meditation programs designed by my local love, Monica Yearwood of Hamsa. But I’m far from an expert. To share this total wellness practice with you, I decided to pull in a new practitioner with whom I think you can really relate!

Colleen Soisson Ayurveda Goddess
Healer Colleen Soisson discovered Ayurveda through her yoga community.

Meet Colleen.

Colleen Soisson is a Detroit-born, down-to-earth holistic healer–a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner–now based in Carmel, CA. Her yoga community first introduced her to Ayurveda, and she was already deeply committed to yoga. Colleen had become a multiple times per week yogi. She was even rising with the sun and breathing & flowing in Mysore classes.

Her first stretch into Ayurveda came from her desire to resolve some ambiguous nutrition and digestive issues. Fellow yogis were into the holistic approach to medicine. She connected to how, like yoga, the body’s symptoms are considered a physical response to emotions. Eventually this goddess went from learning for her own health benefits to wanting to get certified and share the wealth of wellness.

Working with Colleen is like talking to a best friend who is never going to let you fail. While compassionate and gentle, she consults with a very no-nonsense style of communication. So you get the message, feel empowered with a goal and get aligned with the next steps to get you there. Living well is serious business.

The Oldest Medicine.

OK. Ayur-whaaa? What IS Ayurveda, you ask? In Colleen’s words, it is the “oldest system of medicine, over 5000 years old”. There are actually six ‘Vedic sciences’, one being Ayurveda. As Colleen learned, her beloved yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences.

Why Ayurveda? A Quick Breakdown:

Nutrition | Energy. Getting the right nutrients. The best food combinations for your body type, or “dosha”. Optimal nutrition.

Spirituality | Connecting to something bigger than yourself. Nature. Source. Mediation. Daily guidance.

Health/Wellness | Prevention. Reverse unfavorable health conditions. Keep things like autoimmune disorders at bay.

What’s Your Dosha?

Colleen’s work relies on an understanding of the client’s body type and constitution and gets pretty intricate. But the first layer of knowledge is based on what Ayurveda refers to as the doshas. These three doshas represent the elements of nature (earth, fire and air).
Every person has all of the elements in their makeup, however they have their own unique ratio. So one person might have mostly earth and that means they might gain weight easliy. Another person might be mostly fire and is easily angered or super competitive.

The Doshas:

Vata (ether and air)
Pitta (fire and water)
Kapha (earth and water)

You will have one predominant dosha and that is usually the one that goes out of balance the easiest. How do you know? How do you discover your dosha? The internet has plenty of simple tests. However, Colleen highly recommends seeing a practitioner at least ONCE so you can attain a proper assessment that reveals your imbalances. But if you are REALLY anxious to check out your dosha, then try this one by Banyon Botanicals.

Is Your Interest Piqued?

Drop a comment below or email Colleen. While she is California-based, you can still begin your journey remotely. If you have some experience, she can help you go deeper. I look forward to sharing more Ayurvedic principles with you in nutrition and more.

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