Travel Tips to Stay Fit

Pack Up and Go! Travel WELL.

travel tips to stay fit
Even when I travel with my Mini, I work in some smart fitness and nutrition choices!

I LOVE to travel.

Travel has its pros and cons. The pros outweigh anything in my opinion. Without a doubt, however, traveling can definitely interrupt your regularly scheduled program. That is, IF you’re making an effort to consistently do the work and be totally fit.

Got Goals?

Stay focused. You can still keep up with your fitness, wellness and nutrition goals while you travel. Whether business or pleasure, you don’t have to use the trip as an excuse to fall off!

travel with fitness equipment
Don’t give yourself any excuses. Travel with your activewear!

Travel strategically.

I’ve got eight ways to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle during business or vacation travel. Like to hear ’em, here they go:

1. (This first one may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised!) Pack your active wear!!! As you pack, think top to bottom and don’t forget the right socks and shoes.

2. Pack your travel-friendly equipment: jump rope, resistance tube and/or TRX when you hit the road.

3. Flying? Start hydrating with extra water 24-48 hours in advance.

4. Bring small energizing snacks and supplements to stave off hunger–and poor eating choices. Low-sugar/gluten-free protein bars, raw nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, thick-skinned fruits, single serve pouches of superfood powders and Vital Proteins are easy to pack options.

5. Road Tripping? Pack a small cooler with your key staples and any special dietary needs.

6. Pack a water bottle. (My favorite brand is S’well). You can refill and stay on top of your hydration game in the airport or at the hotel fitness center.

7. Download a fitness app. If you haven’t already started using a fitness tracker or workout app, start with a couple of the free downloads/trial and take this time to play with a couple of new workouts.

8. Plan ahead, period. Check out your hotel’s fitness center online. Locate trails and parks near your host’s home. Map out some time to run or take a city hike for sightseeing.

True story.

When I travel with my friends and family, I make them bounce back from ‘overindulging’ by working out with me. Sometimes they appreciate having a personal trainer on their vacay and other times I drag them to the workout kicking and screaming. But a good sweat ALWAYS helps a hangover. Then you can do the most all over again. šŸ˜‰

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