Row & Rope v.1

Row and Jump Rope Workout & Playlist

Row and Rope with Your Fitness DNA
YFDNA’s new favorite combo.


Row it up, row it up.

Rowing is my newest addition, or maybe addiction, when I have to workout on my own (so lonely, haha!) . Shaking things up is important to me and keeps me from dreading the gym. At my social club we have kick a$$ fitness equipment and that’s where I really fell in love with the water rowers. Why? They provide a FULL BODY, low impact workout. Even though I love skipping rope, I have to be mindful of the fact I’ve had knee surgery.

So this month I’m sharing a taste of my row and rope workout with the current playlist that keeps me on pace. I MUST have banging’ beats!! Pick a day and go for a row. And rope. Click for the playlist: R + R WITH YFDNA.

Warning: this is a good 45 minutes of fun. Feel free to shorten or modify pace to suit your needs. Then notice how your recovery time, stamina and endurance improve as you keep doing the work. Super new to this? Check out my 14-Day Jump Rope Challenge and get started in phases.

Rowing & Jump Rope Workout.

Last but not least, the workout/pace recommendations are listed in the free download below. Have at it! And as always, email me or leave a comment below with any questions. šŸ™‚

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