Travel-Friendly Fitness Equipment

A Trifecta of Fitness Equipment for Travelers

Don’t get stuck with just any old equipment available in the crowded hotel fitness center. Be prepared to OWN your workouts and CRUSH your goals while you’re away from home. I gave you my eight stay-fit travel tips, now let’s talk tools.

travel friendly equipment
Travel friendly equipment is lightweight, easy to pack and ready to use outdoors.

The TRX Suspension Trainer.

I got TRX-certified back in 2014 and that changed the game for me as both an instructor and fitness enthusiast. TRX training is based on seven movements (plank, pull, push, etc.) and can be as intense as you choose. Your body weight is your resistance. This is simple equipment that challenges every part of your body. Muscles you never knew existed.

Pop a TRX Home2 trainer on a door in your hotel or on a tree branch along the local trail or resort grounds. You can put in as little as 15 minutes of effort. Then throw that bad boy back in your bag. Next!

The Rogue Speed Rope.

Crossfitters like Dave Greene, owner of CrossFitSpero in Oak Park, IL, highly recommend Rogue ropes for their ease of grip and smooth skip. You can customize your rope by length and handle texture. If you’re a sassy fit chick like my big sister, you’ll even choose a color that coordinates perfectly with your active wear staples. While a Rogue rope isn’t the most cost effective piece of equipment, the quality is worth the spend in the performance and longevity categories.

The Lebert Stretch Strap.

Lebert Stetch Equipment
Never skip the stretch.

Admit it. When we have to squeeze in a workout, we are quick to skip one of the most important parts: a proper cool down and stretch. That makes this one a favorite for so many reasons! Whether you’re wrapping up a workout or in need of a good stretch after a brutal travel day, the Lebert Stretch Strap is the assist you want. As an innovator in the fitness equipment industry, Lebert Fitness knew the perfect complement to their product range (including the also lightweight EQualizer) was the Stretch Strap. This simple piece of equipment helps you hold stretches longer and go a little deeper. Flexibility and mobility are keys to safe, effective and pain-free workouts.

Equipment support.

Both TRX and Lebert Fitness provide free training resources online. That’s a bonus. If you know HOW to best use your handy fitness accessories, you’ll use them even more. And don’t forget about my 14-Day Jump Rope Challenge for a jumpstart on skipping rope, available here.

Just for you.

The homies at Lebert Fitness want you to move well. Take $10 off the Stretch Strap in black or pink if you use code LSS10 at checkout. Get you some!

Lebert Stretch Equipment
Use code LSS10 at checkout for $10 off your Stretch Strap order.

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