Work-Life (Im)Balance

Work-Life Balance: What Does It Mean to You?

work-life balance
When the demands of both work and life reach the max, you may feel like everything is upside down.

The Balancing Act.

I strive for efficiency, but sometimes things fall apart. At any given time I am juggling my mom role, (recently) a role in a show, writing (see: gaps in blog posts!), a freelance project and any of my personal training clients! So many times I look up an realize I haven’t even gotten my OWN workouts in. So no wonder I get cranky! How much do you juggle in a week?
The balancing act is real and successfully maintaining balance is always a work in progress. The tools that work for me may not be the best for you, but I love to share. Over the next few posts I’ll be talking about work, career, goals and ways to keep all the pieces together.

What If?

What if you had the audacity to believe that the task, the team, the JOB could live without you for a day?! Are you saving lives? Even still — who would save YOU when you need a break? Slow down. Take a breath. Go within. The work is going to be there…deadline looming or not, you are no good without work-life balance.

Take Your Time.

Most important in the work-life balance equation are self-care and spirituality. I am a self-care FANATIC. This is something I take very seriously. Just like my sleep!! As you consider how you manage your schedule and budget, be sure to include time and ways to check out for yourself. “Me time” doesn’t  have to be an extravagant spa trip or vacation, but recharge time is an absolute must to avoid work-life imbalance.

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