Just Do It: Flow Where Life Takes You

Flow Like Water.

go with the flow
Just flow. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting for you.

Finding My Flow.

I haven’t sat down and written a blog post in months. Why? Life has taken me in different directions. All good, nothing funky. Still living well. Or as we love to say these days “living my best life”.

Summer is coming to a close and I have had a great one! Projects outside of Chicago have popped up, my daughter and I have been consistently auditioning for stage, film and television projects, we did our annual ‘east coasting’ and perhaps most exciting…I’ve been called to write more of my personal story. Earlier this year, my first short play Soul in Suburbia ran in Collaboraction‘s Encounter Festival. Not only did I have no idea that I could write a play, but I also never really imagined myself performing on stage in basically a one-woman show.

Now Soul in Suburbia has evolved–I’ve completed the first draft of the full-length version which will have a short run in 2019. And equally exciting: I am currently working on the short screenplay adaptation of Soul in Suburbia the web series.

Stage Flow
My stage flow: Soul in Suburbia.

What’s in my DNA.

In letting life flow over the past year, I have discovered new gifts and sources of total wellness. Things that make me feel whole, happy and healthy. Purposeful. I am of course still tapped into fitness; however, my bread and butter comes from performing and producing. Which is an absolute blessing and a dream. I choose what clients I want to train, what special event classes I want to teach, when I want to work out…no more running to teach group fitness classes fearing the clock.

I always knew I loved to write (obviously, I started a wellness blog!) but I just didn’t know how transformational writing is. That storytelling is in my DNA! They say writing is REwriting. Such is life. We live each day moment by moment, writing our own story. Then sometimes, life happens and you earn the opportunity to rewrite your story all over again. Just flow with it.


Stay Inspired (and in the flow),

Dana Nicole

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