Row It Up!

35 Minute Full Body Workout Playlist

September row workout playlist
Like a good beat? Click the image to access my free Apple Music playlist.

Row for Your Life.

I’m in the midst of a very busy (and exciting) audition season. My schedule is erratic. My daughter is back to school which is a commute, auditions that require focus and prep pop up out of nowhere and the class times at my favorite local Crossfit studio just don’t jive with life right now. Rowing has been a great solution for me to get a workout in not only to keep my body intact for these casting directors but also to maintain some sanity.

What I Like About a Good Row Workout.

Rowing workouts give me a cute sweat. Just like my jump rope time, this “me time” keeps my hands away from my phone! And like I shared in my Row + Rope post, I achieve a safe total body workout. My preference is still the water rower because I get a smooth pull. I have to be in the mood to run and need space to do what I truly love, dance.

Must Be the Music.

Any time spent in the gym or working out on my own requires GREAT tunes. I enjoy putting a bangin’ playlist together. So if you don’t have access to a water rower or that’s not your thing, you can still enjoy my jams. Download this playlist and get your lunch hour workout going. Or take a nice fall walk. Whatever you do, MOVE something. Just do it. To get pace recommendations for this 35 minute playlist, download here.

Row It Up v.1

September Workout Playlist

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