What is YOUR Fitness DNA?

“DNA: the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.”

Fitness and Wellness Inspiration.

Your Fitness DNA is a source for fitness and wellness inspiration that helps you discover what really turns you on about taking care of YOU, from the inside out. Whether we are sharing a great workout to try in a time-crunch, a unique emerging fitness format or a nutritious meal delivery program taking the scene by storm, Your Fitness DNA strives to be a unique resource for good living.


Supporting your best life.

YFDNA curates content that provides fresh perspectives on total wellness and healthy lifestyles. This can be in the form of interviews with inspiring experts, reviews of wellness services, news on personal development opportunities and more. YFDNA is place to explore what inherently is in you that attracts you to certain experiences. Maybe you don’t particularly love a hardcore workout but would love to give equipment-based Pilates a go. Or perhaps chanting in a yoga studio makes you cringe but you could hang out at a spiritual center that embraces hip hop. We intend to expose you to a diverse range of material shared from an authentic voice that you can trust. Consider us part of your awesome life toolkit that helps you create a blueprint for your best health: mental, physical, spiritual and even financial. YFDNA challenges you to live a life that you could once only dare to dream.

Beyond the site.

We are building a community. Join us for fitness-driven special events, YFDNA-sponsored workshops and social gatherings. Become a subscriber for updates, discount promotions and exclusive invitations. While we are in Chicagoland now, Your Fitness DNA just may be in your city soon.

Also on Your Fitness DNA you will stay connected with Chicago-based group fitness instructor Dana N. Anderson, founder of Your Fitness DNA. Her ‘real talk’ videos tackle total wellness in everyday language and are as dynamic as her group fitness classes you can take in and around Chicago.

yoga sculpt with dana n Anderson