Total Wellness

“Your HEALTH is your WEALTH.”

Whoever put this value on health was telling no lies. We love this quote and also believe that happiness, longevity and vitality are directly related to what you put into your total wellness or well-being.

Learn to keep life light.

Tools for complete wellness.

Living well does not happen by accident. We are all a work in progress and have to keep up the good work to be at our best. That means we need access to resources–ones that resonate with who we are. Your Fitness DNA is just that: a useful tool for you to add to your kit. A place to find new ways to gain or restore optimal health. An outlet to be heard. A way to to make striving for a healthy lifestyle more enjoyable.

What does Your Fitness DNA include in Total Wellness?


Our approach.

Content featured on Your Fitness DNA mainly falls into areas of relevance based on the YFDNA components of wellness. This is not cut and dry or formulaic. This is a lifestyle. Always changing, always evolving. We stay on top of fitness trends, places to experience, inspiring people, ways to stimulate your intellect…anything juicy we can get our hands on and share for your benefit.

Your well being is ours too.

Keep in touch. Our editorial calendar is not set in stone. If you have something you want to explore, make a suggestion. Say something! We want to help you stay balanced (and keep you entertained).